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The airline dedicated line service is: through the integration of domestic and Hong Kong air transportation resources, the bulk cargo is sent to the airport of the designated destination country, and then the destination country uses the FEDEX, UPS, DPD, TNT, DHL and other methods for the last kilometer delivery, and the entire link is Door-to-door service and double clear tax package, applicable to B2B foreign trade merchants and Amazon FBA services

Product advantages

Special goods can be sent: You can post items such as built-in batteries, supporting batteries, cosmetics, etc., please consult your account manager for details

Tracking track: provide full tracking service

Compensation guarantee: if the item is not reached in the destination country, the return shipping fee will be compensated at 40 yuan/KG. If it arrives in the destination country and scanned, the lost item will be compensated up to 100USD

Delivery country:

The United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Mexico (depending on the situation may only be part of the country, please consult the account manager for details).
Weight limit: xxxxxxxxx

Weight limit: the weight of a single piece does not exceed 30 kg, 20 kg in some countries, the minimum single box charge is 12KG;

Size limit: The longest side does not exceed 175CM.


  • 特货可寄:可投寄内置电池、配套电池、化妆品等物品,具体请咨询客户经理
  • 跟踪轨迹:提供全程的跟踪服务
  • 赔付保障:未达目的国丢件,按40元/KG赔偿退运费,到达目的国扫描后丢件,按最高100USD赔偿。
  • 派送国家:美国、加拿大 、日本、英国、法国、德国、葡萄牙、西班牙、意大利、墨西哥(根据情况可能只做部分国家,具体请咨询客户经理)。
  • 体重限制:xxxxxxxxx
  • 重量限制:单件重量不超过30公斤,部分国家20公斤,最小单箱计费12KG;
  • 尺寸限制:最长边不超过175CM。
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